A Facebook post recently surfaced raising questions after Logan’s Roadhouse in Cullman denied service to a family with an autistic child unable to wear a mask.

In the post, a Cullman resident said “Logan’s in Cullman denied service to a young autistic girl and her family because she could not wear a mask. This was a very recent experience. The mom explained that she is autistic and could not wear a mask and they were told they had to leave and was refused service. I think thats pretty crappy for lack of a better word. As much as I love rolls and salad from Logan’s I will not support that business! And this is not hearsay…this is a fact and 100% true.”

The Governor’s mask mandate implanted last week is a state law, but this facial-covering requirement is subject to the following exceptions:

a. Exceptions for practical necessity. The facial-covering requirement does not apply to:

(i) Any person six years of age or younger;

(ii) Any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents him or her from wearing a facial covering;

(iii) Any person while consuming food or drink, or seated at a restaurant to eat or drink;

(iv) Any person who is obtaining a service (for example, a medical or dental procedure) that requires removal of the facial covering in order to perform the service; or

(v) Any person who is required to remove the facial covering to confirm his or her identity, such as for security or screening purposes.

After hearing about the story, Cullman Daily took matters into our own hands and contacted Logan’s of Cullman on their response to the outrage raised on Facebook from members of the community.

The Logan’s store general manager stated that they have had several people send them the post and raise questions that have been raised about their policy to not allow entry from those without a mask with medical conditions such as Autism, but that all she could say is “Unless you are under the age of six you will be required to wear a mask upon entry and if you can’t, we have curbside pickup.”