Nathan Haynes, a local business owner, has announced that he will be seeking Place 4 on the Cullman City School Board.

Haynes started his own business, Haynes Auto Detail, while still in high school where he still serves today as its owner. Being a local small business owner and going straight into the workforce upon graduation, Nathan has seen the struggles of students with the same ambition to own their own business. That’s why he believes it’s time for change on the City School Board, and that the Board is in need of new ideas and a younger mindset.

One priority that needs to be addressed is better spending habits, something Nathan had to learn quickly when starting his own business which now employs seven workers, many who are still students in the Cullman City School System. We need to ensure that all campuses are receiving equal treatment when the new budget is proposed, this is something that Haynes feels like hasn’t been done it quite a while.

As a school board member, Nathan also believes in making it a priority to keep graduates in Cullman after they graduate and to build our local workforce. We see many students looking to go into business moving to other markets such as Birmingham, Huntsville, etc. and it’s time that we keep them in Cullman. That’s the choice that Haynes made and he wants to see others follow in his footsteps.

Some of Nathan’s accomplishments include opening his own successful business and being recognized as Cullman’s small business of the month, staying involved in the local community service projects, providing jobs for many students just entering the workforce and showing young people all around our City that a successful company can be built from the ground up in Cullman.

Nathan Haynes will be working on behalf of the students in all of our City Schools to fight for equal representation and financial management that includes all schools in our system. It’s time for new ideas and new leadership to meet the School Board and that’s what Haynes will be bringing to the table to serve the people of Cullman.