Over the last several years drain flies have been a major issue in one Cullman City neighborhood. Arbor East has been battling the issue to the point they literally couldn’t go outside during the summer months. Was it COVID that took the flies out? Arbor East resident Tommy Todd says no, it was the great work by the City of Cullman and Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

“As a resident of Arbor East subdivision located right beside the wastewater treatment plant. In the past few years, we have had a total infestation of drain flys that covered our homes and vehicles and made our quality of life very poor. The problem with the flys annually began from the middle of May and went through last August. It made the already sweltering Alabama summers absolutely awful. This year I am pleased to say that as of today, I have yet to see the first drain fly anywhere in the area. I want to commend the efforts of the City of Cullman and the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The sprayer truck has been running through our Neighborhood multiple times a day and flooding/flushing the lines to kill the eggs and larvae has seemed to work wonders. Thank you to all the City workers for all the effort in taking care of this past issue.” – Tommy Todd

Jeff Adams with the City of Cullman’s Waste Water Treatment Plant has made it a personal goal to completely takeout these annoying flies. Through the research and hard work, the flies are so far nonexistent.