Scott Sessions sent out this press release earlier on Friday:

“After much thought and prayer regarding the decision, Scott Sessions has declared that he will be seeking place 3 on the Cullman City School Board.

Scott was blessed with the opportunity to play college basketball at Trevecca Nazarene University, and in his time there he learned what it means to be a team leader. Sessions is looking to bring that team mentality to the Cullman City School Board with the message that every student matters and should be considered in policymaking.

Scott Sessions is a proud supporter of students and student athletes. He believes that they must come first when it comes to policy making. The students are the future. Without a solid and ethical education, they won’t be able to carry on the good things this country has provided for them.
Scott also believes that our children need to be the focus of the school’s efforts. While there are many people to consider when it comes to policy, the students are the next generation of policymakers and business people. What they learn while attending our school system will stick with them for life, and we need to make sure that this is one of the most positively impactful experiences of their lives.
With his experience as a youth pastor, Scott Sessions has witnessed the effects of education on both ends of the spectrum on students firsthand. He knows how valuable a student-centered education is. Not only do students benefit when they are put first, but our entire city does.
Our students have at times been caught in the middle of policymaking that doesn’t always serve them. Scott believes in their potential. He knows they can do great things with the right support.

Scott has always led with honesty and integrity. He knows about achieving better attendance and a growing community. He believes in passing these values on to our children through an ethical education.
Scott’s commitment to bringing authenticity to the school board is unrivaled. He knows that the community will only grow and achieve strong leadership when these values become apparent through action.

The staff, students, and board must adopt an honest and transparent approach as we work toward a better future for all.