After making many Payroll Protect Program loans and loan deferrals, the Board of Directors at Cullman Savings Bank felt it was crucial to give back to local businesses in order to help stimulate the economy. 

Cullman Savings Bank sought out local restaurants and retailers to purchase meals and gift certificates to be given away on their Social Media platforms. 

Cullman Savings Bank President and CEO John Riley was humble when asked what it meant to give back to the community. 

“Cullman Savings Bank has been fortunate because of this strong community and the wonderful people/customers we have. While we give back each year to the community, we decided this year to give even more given the uncertain times. We wanted to help not only our customers but other businesses that have been affected during this time.” – John Riley

Cullman Savings Bank customers were proud to know their bank stepped up and gave back during these tough times.  

“I have banked with Cullman Savings my whole life. As a child, my parent’s set up a savings account for me and I have continued banking there throughout my adulthood. Cullman Savings giving back to local businesses not only helps the business owners but by doing giveaways it has helped Cullman citizens that are struggling right now. I am honored to say I bank with Cullman Savings. They truly care about the Cullman community.” – Kyle Farmer

“We have our daughter’s savings accounts at Cullman Savings. It warms my heart to know that we have chosen a bank for them to use when they are older that cares about the community as much as they care about their customers.” – Anna Chambers