Josh and Dayden may have left this earth early but the mark they left on so many will be remembered forever. The Holly Pond community is going through pain but God reminds us to not worry, He has everything in the palm of His hands.

These quotes will never do justice but hopefully friends and family can find peace in knowing what a difference Josh and Dayden made in the lives of others.

“Josh had a very outgoing personality and was always joking around with others. He tried very hard to do his best in all that he did. His smile and infectious personality will be missed. 

Dayden was very laid back and got along with everyone. Dayden would often come by my room and ask me about my day and how I was feeling even though I didn’t have him in class this year.   I will miss our conversations and his visits.  He had a big heart and he will be missed.” – April Hays

“I have known Josh and Dayden for a long time. They both were a big part of our student body and well liked by our kids at school. They will truly be missed both at school and in our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends.” – Steve Miller

“Josh was easy going, loving, and a deep thinker. He did not like to be hurt and he did not want to hurt others.”

“Josh was a great young man!  Wanted a lot of life and was working to a better future. He had significant achievable plans.  Loved his brothers!  Loved his family!  Appreciated those who were significant in his life.”

“Dayden was a respectful young man with a contagious smile that would brighten anyone’s day. Come to speak of it, I never saw him without that smile. He had a heart of gold and was always willing to help others. He was loved by everyone and will be greatly missed. 

Josh was one to always make sure that everyone was having a good day. He would go out of his way for anyone who was struggling or needed a friend. He was kind to others and had a laugh that would make anyone smile. He will be greatly missed in the halls of Holly Pond High School.” – Teresa Graham

“Dayden was adventurous, always smiling, big hearted.  Loved archaeology!

Hard working, helped anyone who asked.”

“Dayden was gentle, kind hearted, he loved his family, friends and enjoyed school.  He gained a lot of knowledge from life lessons.”

“Josh and Dayden were two fine young men at HPHS who will be greatly missed. I’m saddened that they are no longer with us, but I count it a Blessing that I had a small part in their life. Praying for comfort and peace for their families and friends.” – Mitch Morris

“My favorite memory of Josh McGinnis was not during school but In the gym at youth league basketball practice. His younger brother was on my son’s basketball team. Many nights at practice, I would watch Josh play basketball with many younger siblings. He would toss and catch the ball, teach kids to dribble, and rebound on a side goal while they shot. He interacted with those kids in such a sweet way that made those little ones feel so special!

My favorite memory of Dayden Floyd was watching him walk to the gym one pretty day. As elementary kids were sitting outside at their snack time, I saw Dayden give high fives to every single kid as he walked by. He made sure that he didn’t miss a single child.

They were all grinning!” – Tracy Adams

“As a teacher you find little ways to connect with students and through those connections you build relationships. You pray that you do enough to make them feel loved, but sometimes you’ll never know. In Dayden and Josh’s case, connections were easy to make. 

Dayden Floyd was the most respectful, hard working young man. He could carry on a conversation with me better than most adults and he never walked by me without a smile and a “hello”. Anything I asked of him, he did without hesitation. He really was a precious child.

Josh McGinnis and I connected through sarcasm and picking at each other. He had an infectious smile and always made me feel like I was his “favorite teacher”. (Even though he probably told all teachers that). The last time I saw him he hugged me and asked me if I missed him, since he was in high school now. I replied with a smile. I hope he knew, secretly, I did miss him. 

I would like to say, just in case I haven’t told them lately….I love my students, all of my students. Past and present. I will miss Josh and Dayden and my prayers are with their families and friends.” – Emily Brown

“I taught Josh in Middle School and at Bible School; he was one of the most kind hearted students I have ever had with an ever watchful eye for his younger brother.

I also taught Dayden for 7th grade English and reading and I will always remember his quick wit and sense of humor. He could always influence the rapport in my class.” – BreAnn Allbright

“I was blessed with the pleasure of watching Dayden Floyd grow up.  I remember his parents and grandparents bringing him to church.  I watched him grow into a kind, generous, genuine, and most importantly, a Godly young man.  He always had a smile on his face.  I will miss that smiling face and his wonderful personality.  Rest with Jesus, Dayden, until we all meet again in Heaven. Our loss is God’s gain.” – Teresa Thompson

“Josh was a very personable and friendly person.  He was the type of person who never met a stranger.  He will be missed by all.

  Dayden was a very respectful person who was always willing to help others.  He was loved by all and, he will be greatly missed.” – Crystal Laney

“Dayden was the happiest and kind-hearted kid that you could find. When I think about him, all I can see is his big smile. He seemed to be friends with everyone. Everyone liked him.

Josh was one of my favorites. He was always well-mannered and caring for others. He had such a loving spirit towards others, especially towards those with special needs. He was able to get other kids to open up to him and seemed to really care and understand them. I can still see him flipping his hair and cutting up with some of the kids in class. 

Both of these boys, cared more for the other than themselves. They were like brothers. They will be greatly missed at Holly Pond.”

-Stephanie Barnett