Cullman citizens are concerned over possible COVID-19 death in Cullman. The Cullman County Coroner and CRMC representative can not confirm this information. According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, Reported Death means a person has died and had a positive lab result. A physician and Infectious Disease Outbreak staff member will then review the patient’s medical record to determine if COVID-19 indeed killed the individual. 

Cullman County Coroner, Jeremy Kilpatrick, said: “there have been no deaths reported to the Cullman County Coroner’s Office that have had a positive test for COVID-19 nor have there been any suspected deaths related to COVID-19.”  

Lindsey Dossey, Vice President of Marketing at Cullman Regional Medical Center, also confirmed there has not been anyone die at CRMC due to COVID-19. 

Alabama Department of Public Health is currently reporting a “Reported Death” in Cullman. While the Coroner’s Office and CRMC do not have a confirmed death, it is possible someone may have died elsewhere but they have a Cullman address.