On June 15th tragedy struck the Cullman community. Well known retired Cullman police officer and avid fisherman, Rex Chambers, passed away while heading back to Cullman from a fishing tournament at Lake Eufaula.  

Rex and his teammates were driving back when traffic came to a complete stop. At first sight, it appeared Rex may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Quickly, it was determined something wasn’t right. Rex had a massive heart attack and was unresponsive. Rex was rushed to a nearby hospital but there was simply nothing that could be done. The good Lord has bigger plans for Rex and called him home. 

Rewind a couple of months prior to the fishing tournament. Rex also loved the game of golf. Rex and his best friend Billy Handley retired Cullman Police Officer and Marine Veteran was on the golf course joking around as usual. You see, Rex bled Orange and Blue and Billy is Crimson and White. They may have agreed on lots of things but college football teams were not one of them. Rex told Billy that day, “you will be voting for an Auburn coach for U.S. Senate.” At that time Billy said, “there is not a chance in hell he would vote for Tommy Tuberville. I am a Sessions supported.”

Once the U.S. Senate campaign ramped up, Tuberville’s opponents started running negative ads and in Billy’s words, disingenuous lies. Billy knew immediately, Rex was right again. 

Jennifer Boike, Rex’s daughter, and Billy had the opportunity recently to sit down with Coach Tommy Tuberville and share Rex’s love for Coach. Jennifer shared story after story about her dad and the love he always had for Coach. 

Jennifer said, “I could just feel my daddy with me today. He not only looked up to Mr. Tommy Tubberville as a coach but as our next U.S. Senator. Before the tragedy happened with my daddy he already knew who he was voting for. So with that said, Mr. Tubberville you not only have my vote but you have a vote of an angel as well.  

And. War. Eagle. 🦅”