The Cullman Police Department is one of only two police departments in the State of Alabama to purchase and use BOLAWRAP from Wrap Technologies. BolaWrap is a handheld device used to detain an individual without harming anyone. When fired, an eight foot Kevlar rope is released at approximately 640 feet per second wrapping around the individual. There is a small barb on each end of the rope that will attach to the individuals clothing or skin, essentially making the suspect immobile. An officer can effectively shoot the BolaWrap at 10-25 feet from the individual.

Chief Kenny Culpepper of the Cullman Police Department said “We are constantly looking for ways to better equip our officers and give them tools to be used in a safer manner. When we heard about the BolaWrap, we were definitely interested in the fact that it can detain an individual without harm.”

This technology will be a great tool for police officers when approaching an individual with mental disorders, suspects high on drugs, or someone whom is attempting to harm themselves or others. BolaWrap can even take the place of a Taser in several cases, minimizing the pain and temporary loss of the person’s motor functions.

Jamie Speakman of Cullman Daily along with Lieutenant Jeff Warnke with the Cullman Police both volunteered to be shot with the BolaWrap during a training exercise earlier on Tuesday.

According to Speakman, “There was essentially no pain when the BolaWrap hit me. I was immobile until the instructor cut the cord to release me.” Lieutenant Warnke also noted that it is a great tool to add to the Cullman Police Department’s belt.