Judge Kim Chaney may no longer be working at the Cullman Court House but based on the outpouring of support we have received it appears that the positive impact he has made on the many families and individuals in this community will not soon be forgotten.

Gradually, we all have become numb to fake news by the left wing political attacks at the national level, but we also need to be prepared to recognize them at the local level.  After review, Cullman Daily has determined that allegations against Judge Chaney are simply recycled versions of the original complaints made after a failed lawsuit brought by disgruntled lawyers over 4 years ago. Clearly, in addition to handling crushing caseloads, shrinking staffs and Federal Court interventions, good conservative Christian Judges are now being politically targeted. 

Records show that Judge Chaney served on the bench for 27 years and retired as the longest serving District judge in the State. Under his leadership, Juvenile Court has helped countless young people and families.  He created the Cullman Drug Court giving hundreds of individuals suffering from addiction the opportunity to reclaim their lives, reconnect with their families and become good contributing members of society.

We cannot allow these political attacks and the liberal media to take away or minimize all the great things this man has done for this state and county. We think Judge Chaney’s legacy will be one of dedicated public service, helping people and making Cullman County a better place to live.