Last night, 67 hardworking Cullman Countians and proud advocates for education volunteered their personal time to ask the people of Cullman County to support their City and County Schools on March 3rd. Each message sent was done so individually, by a volunteer who has a heart for our School Systems. On top of those 67, there are hundreds of volunteers who are excited about doing something great for their community and when there are volunteers excited like this, that’s something we should all get excited about.

Just like in President Trump’s campaign for re-election, technology is being used to communicate with potential voters. The information didn’t come from the City nor the County Schools. It is available to all campaigns in Alabama on a public list from the Secretary of State’s office.

There are always people who will vote no and always those who want to be left out or left alone, but we see it as our job to support these kids and we wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t speak up and do our best for them and the future children who will call Cullman Schools a place where they come to learn and be welcomed!