Auburn – An independent poll released by Club for Growth Action on Thursday showed that Coach Tommy Tuberville has surged to first place in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate while other candidates are remaining stagnant or losing momentum.

The survey, which was conducted by polling firm WPA Intelligence, showed Tuberville with 32% of the vote followed by Jeff Sessions with 29%. The poll also showed the rest of the field distantly trailing the two frontrunners by double digits.

Tuberville released the following statement in response to the poll results.

“The Republican primary for U.S. Senate is in the fourth quarter, and every poll shows that our team is putting points on the board when it matters most.

Republican voters across Alabama are calling penalties and throwing flags on the career politicians’ fake news attacks and negative ads against us.

The career politicians in the race are playing dirty so they can hold on to their power and paychecks and protect the D.C. swamp.

When it comes to deciding which candidate will support Donald Trump in building the wall, draining the swamp, and changing the way Washington operates, voters need to remember eight simple words – Doug won’t. Jeff didn’t. Bradley hasn’t. Tommy will.

In the final days of this Republican primary, we are going to fight hard, shake every hand possible, and keep spreading our Christian conservative message to the citizens of our state.

I remain convinced that God sent us Donald Trump because He knew our nation was in trouble and needed someone who could fix it.”

[Note: The WPA Intelligence poll surveyed 607 likely Republican voters from February 18 – 19 and showed Tuberville up three points since last week with Sessions down by five. Byrne and other trailing candidates either lost ground or saw their support remain unchanged.]