After working on the 2nd floor for 32 years District Judge Kim Chaney is retiring from public service.

Judge Chaney worked as Assistant District Attorney for 5 years before he was elected Cullman District Judge in 1992 and has been on the bench for 27 years.

In addition to all the problems and stress of maintaining a huge caseload and being on call 24-7 for emergencies and search warrants, judges are facing an unprecedented number of lawsuits. Most recently, the federal bond lawsuit which requires defendants to be released from jail on their signature resulting in many missing their court dates and possibly putting the community and law enforcement officers at risk.

Over the past 32 years, Judge Chaney has been able to accomplish a number of goals and achievements.

Judge Chaney is the longest-serving Cullman County Judge and the longest-serving District Court Judge in the State.

-He was the first local judge to wear a robe and the first to modernize and computerize the office.

-He started many programs designed to help young people and adults.

-Started Early warning truancy program – to keep kids in school and to increase local graduation rates.

-Founded the Mitnick Wilderness Program for male juvenile offenders. This program now serves 12 counties in northwest Alabama.

-Implemented Court Appointed Special Advocate Program – provides trained child advocates to help and support young people in custody of DHR.

-Founded the Trauma Prevention Program – a defensive driving school that partners with CRMC to help young drivers make better decisions.

-Worked to get the local Juvenile Detention facility.

-Start the Cullman Drug Court.

-Created Cullman Community Corrections which oversees Diversion and County Probation.

-Co-sponsored the Cullman Human Trafficking Task Force.

Judge Chaney also served as:

-President of the District Court Judges Association

-President of the Juvenile and Family Court Judge Association

-President of the Alabama Association of Drug Court Professional

Thank you, Judge Chaney, for your dedication to Cullman County over the years. Your tremendous service to Cullman will never be forgotten.