Cullman County EMS will now be able to supply all nine ambulances with Carter Kits thanks to State Farm Agent, Tonya Wilson.

Carter Kits are inspired by Carter Severs, a 5-year-old from Michigan who is Autistic. Carters father Justin Severs is a police Detective and recognized a need for equipment to help comfort children with sensory disorders during crisis situations. The kits include ear muffs, fidget devices, weighted blankets, sensory toys, to name a few.

Cheryl Lollar, who works with Cullman EMS, came across Carter Kits while researching the internet. Cheryl knew the need for emergency responders to have the ability to calm children with sensory issues. She immediately started researching Carters Kits and wanted to order one kit to test. Tonya Wilson quickly heard the need and not only agreed to pay for one kit but wanted to supply every ambulance with Cullman EMS.

“I would like to thank Tonya Wilson with State Farm for supplying Cullman EMS with the Carter Kits to be placed on our ambulances. Interaction with Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Fire or EMS can potentially be very traumatic for children with sensory issues such as Autism or Asperger’s. These kits will help these children feel secure and allow emergency service workers to better treat them and meet their needs. The generosity of the people in Cullman never ceases to amaze me. It truly is a special place and I feel very privileged to work with the men and women who provide emergency services to the people who live here.” – James Curtis, Cullman County EMS Director