Telia and Danny Creque, both of Baileyton, had been out enjoying a peaceful evening. The two of them were heading home after getting dinner having their typical lovebird conversations. As they were traveling down highway 69 close to their home in Baileyton their worse nightmare was about to unfold. A car comes at the Creque’s head-on. Danny made a last-second decision to serve his car so the impact wouldn’t be head-on. Danny knew he also had to have the brunt of the impact be on his side to protect his wife Telia. “Jesus definitely took the wheel and saved Telia and me along with the lady in the other car”, said Danny.

Cassie Floyd (25) of Guntersville was traveling south on Highway 69 when she collided with the Creque’s vehicle. It was determined one Alabama State Troopers arrived, Floyd was intoxicated. Danny and Telia were transported to Cullman Regional Medical Center while Floyd was arrested and taken to the Cullman County Jail and charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

“As devout Christians, we believe in forgiveness, Telia stated. “Yes we are upset our vehicle was totaled by a drunk driver but it can be replaced. “Danny and I would like Cassie to know we forgive her and thankful she is okay. We are thankful this situation was no worse than what it was and we pray this will open someone’s eye’s when they think about getting behind the wheel after drinking.”