Alexa Buckelew, a 4th-grade student at Cullman Christian School, was given a piece of paper to write her Christmas wishes. Typically a child will ask for games, a bike, money, or iTunes card. Alexa is not your typical 4th-grade student. Alexa understands the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

“Dear Santa, This is not your typical,” I want, I want, I want”, but I do want something. I want you to know the TRUE meaning of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is Christ Jesus. God is Jesus’ Father. God is everybody’s Father. God lives in Heaven. If you are good and trust in God, you will go to Heaven! But, you can’t just do good deeds to go to Heaven. The number one thing is to trust God our Savior. God had a plan for Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. See God had a plan for Jesus and He has a plan for you! So although Santa, you are fun and give us presents, do not forget what it is all about. The birth of Jesus Christ.” -Alexa Buckelew

All too often we get caught up in Christmas gifts when in reality our children need to be taught the only gift that matters is the true meaning of Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but do we really celebrate Christ on Christmas or simply use that time to spoil our children? It is fun no doubt to get presents and see our children’s faces light up, but be like Alexa and make sure those same faces completely understand that God is real, God is alive, and God lives in you. “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TRUST”