Matthew LeWayne Clayton age 30 was arrested for murder times 2 after two individuals were killed in the Prospect Mountain Community.

Clayton was arrested in Limestone County and transported back to Cullman where he was booked into the Cullman County Detention Center.

It has been reported the motive in this case goes back to something that happened when Mr. Clayton was younger.

Friday, October 25th, at approximately 10:00p.m, Cullman County Sheriff’s Office detention deputies discovered Matthew Lewayne Clayton, an inmate at the Cullman County Detention Center, had attempted suicide. Detention deputies immediately took lifesaving action by performing CPR, administering the AED, and other life-saving measures.

After paramedics arrived on the scene Mr. Clayton was taken to an area hospital.

According to a family member, Mr. Clayton passed away on Tuesday, October 29th.

Although this is a horrible situation all around, there is some good to come out of this. Clayton’s mother told Cullman Daily the hospital was able to get most of his organs for transplants. Even in the hardest times, there will be lives saved due to the generous act Mr. Clayton decided to make early on.

Please keep all involved in your prayers through this difficult time.

The Alabama State Bureau of Investigation was called per Cullman County Sheriff’s Office policy.