Attention: graphic photos of a real case of domestic violence in Cullman County. The victim gave rights to the photo and story to Cullman Daily.

Never be afraid to speak up and speak out. In the story below the Victim tells her story about not just going through a life of hell but overcoming in the end. She encourages anyone going through Domestic Violence to speak up. There is help all around you even though you are being told different.

“When your eyes are open, you can see. But there are some things you can only perceive if you are WILLING to see and accept the truth of them. Domestic Violence… see it with me.
“October” is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and these photos of myself are still hard to look at today but as a woman who suffered that abuse at the hands of my ex-husband, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this month. It is my hope that you will join me and the many other victims and survivors in bringing more awareness to this hidden monster called Domestic Violence.

I SURVIVED! I left because the love from my family and friends – and most importantly from God – gave me the courage to choose me and my sons and to CHOOSE our happiness. It wasn’t a“snap-my-fingers-and-it’s-done” choice. Truth be told, it was a grueling, heartbreaking process, that I am still healing from to this day. But now I have so much joy because I am free!

To kick this month off right. I want to share one really important perspective about surviving domestic violence…

Yes, I was abused by my ex-husband. Yes, I was constantly called every cruel name there was I was beaten to the point of physically fighting for my life every good thing about me was turned into a tool of manipulation designed to destroy my mind and my future!
And yet here I am today able to talk about what happened to me because what was once deep pain is now the fuel of my POWER. And I can share my story because I know it was never my fault. I also share my story because I believe that, though she may be in the shadows, there is a victim out there who I am helping find the courage to get out.
So when you think about survivors of domestic violence, see us as CHAMPIONS. See us as WINNING. See us as CONQUERING. See us as OVERCOMING. Why? Because like a roller coaster slowly, purposefully, working hard to make its climb to the top of its first hill, as survivors, we found the strength and the courage to OVERCOME GRAVITY to get to the top – to get out. We fought hard to pull ourselves up when someone we loved was doing everything they could to pull us down.”

“It takes COURAGE to get out. But it takes STRENGTH and WISDOM to stay out.”


“Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors used to maintain power and control in a relationship. Anyone can be abusive and anyone can be a victim of abuse. It happens regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race or economic background.” – Victim Services of Cullman

“Victim Services offers domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and recovery services including shelter, medical and legal advocacy, children’s advocacy, individual counseling, support groups, batterer’s intervention classes, safety planning, and referrals. For help or information call the 24/7 HELPline at ‪256-734-6100‬.”