The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) has gotten several calls that scammers are calling claiming to be with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office.

The scammer will claim the potential victim owes a fine from missing jury duty or from an outstanding warrant. The scammer will tell the victim that they can clear up these fines or this warrant over the phone by paying them XXX amount via credit card, PayPal, or other payment method.

This is a SCAM! The CCSO will never call asking for money over the phone as we do not administer the fines.

“We just want to try and get the word out to citizens that we will never call you to solicit money over the phone. These scammers could be in any part of the world and we don’t won’t people to give their hard earned money to these lazy predators,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry.

Please warn any of your family members who are senior citizens as well