Johnny Harris has been a long-time Good Hope man. He loved Good Hope and put his heart and soul into constantly making Good Hope a better place to live.

Johnny set the example of a family man. He loved his wife Laura, son Derek, and daughter Anna more than you can imagine. He treated his daughter-in-law, Keisha, and son-in-law, Wesley like they were his own. When it came to Johnnys grand-babies, Mabry, Peyton, and Audrey, oh my goodness, nothing could come in the way of spoiling those babies. Johnny cared and adored his whole family and definitely exemplified what a family man should be.


When I think about my dad I think about 3 things God. Family. Community.

Ever since I was born I have been in church and knew Christ needed to be the center of my life. My dad taught me this. There were many Sunday mornings where I didn’t want to get up and go to church but my father made this a priority in my life I thank him for this. He was proud he was Decon of the church and helped out in many ways. there is no telling how many miles he has put on the church van from mission trips to picking kids up for Wednesday nights. I will always remember him for being a leader in the church.

Family man. My dad loved my mom he would always tell me that she was the best thing to happen to him. He showed me how to respect women and how a loving husband and wife relationship should be. He loved me and my sister. I was always happy to see him at all my sporting events and I knew that he would be there no matter what. Most Friday nights he would be more nervous then I would. He loved all his grandchildren and wanted to make it to see his grandboy. I will always make sure that Peyton and Mabry and Audrey and Vance know that their Poppie loved them very much.


Dad showed me that being part of the community is very important. He would cook what seemed like a million hot dogs at the ballpark after he worked an 8 hour day. He would then coach me in baseball. My favorite story about dad and coaching me is when I was 9 years old and dad and Greg Brown coached us. We were in the finals of the district tournament and East Cullman had to beat us twice. We lost the first game, we were crying, and Greg Brown told us to suck it up and quit crying. Dad was more chilled out, he never got angry and always told me I did a great job. He also served on the city council for as long as I can remember. He has been a part of a number of projects in the community.

Cancer took my dads life after a long and hard battle. Cancer is not his legacy. Please don’t remember my dad having cancer. Remember the God-fearing man that thought his kids to have a Christ-centered life. Remember a loving father and grandfather that would do anything for them. Remember a community leader that wanted to his friends and family grow up in a community and be proud of it. My dads legacy is God. Family. Community.

When I was younger people would come up to me and say hey your Johnny Harris boy and it would kinda bother me because that was my identity was Johnnys boy. I look back now and think what a great identity to have to be able to call Johnny Harris my dad and I am his boy and will always be. I love you Dad

Derek Harris
Johnny’s boy

“Many memories come to mind when I think about Johnny Harris. He was an outstanding man and a huge asset to our community. I would like to let the family know they are all in our prayers. Although no words could help to ease the loss, just know we are all thinking about you and praying for you daily.” -Love, Mayor Jerry Bartlett.

“Johnny was Johnny! Has definitely touched a lot of peoples lives in the short time that he was here. He was a dear friend I loved him like a brother. I already miss his grumpy ole sense of humor.” – Councilman Greg Brown

“Johnny was the same person every time you met him. I will miss his humor the most. Good Hope lost a good man.” – Councilman Taft Dillashaw

“I feel very selfish at the tears running down my face, they are selfish because I will miss my friend so very much. He was always there to listen to me even though, as he teased me all the time, he did not vote for me (city clerk is an appointed position) but he always followed up “I’m glad you are here”. My prayers are with the Harris family, Johnny Harris was an extremely special man, how fortunate we are that God allowed him to touch our lives.” – Christie Chamblee (City Clerk – Good Hope)

“The Good Hope Class of 1979 is saddened with the passing of a classmate. Johnny Harris battled leukemia, unfortunately, was not able to overcome it. Johnny established himself great success after graduation with marriage to Laura Calvert, raising a family and becoming a 3-term member of the Good Hope Town Council. As a classmate, I show pride in Johnny for being a hard worker and well respected by so many. He followed a pattern of making something for his life in the highest level. My thoughts and prayers go out to Laura and the entire Calvert/Harris family.”
– Johnny Thornton

“Johnny and I have served together for the past 7 years. He was good at knowing what was best for the City of Good Hope and was always ready to give back through volunteering at events or putting on his favorite suit and visiting with hundreds of children! Good Hope and Cullman County was a better place having him here! We are going to miss that man, his input, and his wonderful smile!” – Councilwoman Susan Eller

I was elected Mayor of Good Hope in 2008. Johnny had previously served on the council but had took a term off. He decided to run again and was elected to serve council place 1 at the same time I was elected Mayor. We served together until 2014 when I was elected to the House of Representatives. I had a lot of trust in Johnny and felt like we always worked very well together. First, for me, Johnny was a friend. Someone that I felt I could talk to about any issue and trust his advice. He was a great council member for the citizens of Good Hope. He was a great family man for his wife and kids. He was also one of the best Santa’s around. I enjoyed watching Johnny every Christmas because of the love and joy that he showed when he was in his Santa role. I will truly miss him and look back and cherish the things we worked together and accomplished and the times we spent together. – State Representative Corey Harbison